Carpet & Flooring Expo Expected to Draw 350 Exhibitors

In less than three months’ time, approximately 350 carpet, rug and flooring exhibitors from 17 countries will gather at this year’s Carpet & Flooring Expo (CFE).

The seminal event, which is expected to attract an estimated 20,000 visitors, takes palce Dec. 5-8, at the Instabul Expo Centre in Turkey, where handmade carpets, machine-made carpets, rugs, mats, prayer rugs and textile floor coverings will be showcased.

As part of marketing efforts, primary show organizer Tüyap Exhibitions Group has highlighted five reasons to attend this year’s expo.

1. Turkey is among the world’s leading carpet producers and has a reputation for high-quality carpet manufacturing. Three cities, Gaziantep, Kayseri and Istanbul, are carpet manufacturing hubs for the global carpet industry, signifying the country’s extensive manufacturing capabilities to meet the world market. Therefore, CFE provides access to powerful suppliers that can fulfill demands even in the largest quantities.

2. Organized in cooperation with the Istanbul Carpet Exporters’ Association and Southeast Anatolia Carpet Exporters’ Association, Tüyap hosts commercial events for a wide range of sectors and industries. The company operates in eight cities and has established long-term relationships with more than 100 professional organizations. This cooperation makes CFE a vital platform for creating new business opportunities.

3. Carpet and rug manufacturing is among Turkey’s most competitive industries. Machine-made carpet exports have seen constant increase since 2017. Turkey ranks second in global carpet exports, valued at $2.6 billion US. CFE 2023 is an opportunity to find, engage and connect with esteemed global contacts in the industry.

4. Turkey’s proximity to countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East provides advantageous access to major markets. What’s more, due to various international free trade and customs union agreements, Turkey is an attractive export hub.

5. The Turkish carpet industry offers diversity both in style and product types. Exhibitor carpet manufacturers and carpet traders offer trendy designs with spectacular patterns, different types of products and exquisite materials. Because of this, CFE is a trendsetting event not only for carpet merchants but for designers, architects and decorators, too.

Tickets for CFE 2023 are available online.

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