Winnipeg Flooring Company Partners with Tarkett

Winnipeg-based The Floor Show, a business unit of homebuilder and land developer Qualico, has teamed up with Tarkett to become one of the company’s first recycling allies.

“When it comes to building sustainably, we are always looking for new, progressive ways to achieve that goal,” says David Eggerman, regional vice-president, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Qualico. “Part of building in a sustainable way also encompasses what we do with the excess material after, and if we can reduce the amount that goes back into landfills then that will only help Qualico build better cities.”

Through Tarkett’s recycling program ReStart, excess flooring that is not used at the end of a build is returned to the company’s facilities and turned into high-quality raw material to produce brand-new flooring. The program also prevents cut-offs from ending up in the landfill or incinerator.

Many commercial flooring products are eligible for the ReStart program. The Floor Show carries a wide variety of Tarkett products, making it an ideal partner for the program, says Qualico.

“At Tarkett, we made a commitment to become a leader in transformative flooring solutions and we are motivated by this to create flooring and sports surfaces that benefit people and the planet,” says Rachel Palopoli, director of circular economy at Tarkett. “One of our long-term goals is to triple the share of recycled raw materials used from 10 per cent to 30 per cent by 2030, and we think our partnership with The Floor Show will help us in achieving that goal.”

With roots in the flooring of new homes and condominiums, The Floor Show has expanded its operations into all aspects of the floor covering industry. Recently, the company participated in a project at the Selkirk Regional Health Centre in Manitoba, that recycled 6,978 pounds of Tarkett product offcuts from the install process that were candidates for the program. Without the ReStart program, this volume of waste would have been destined for the landfill.

“I’ve been in the industry for a long time and I have seen too much flooring product go to waste over the years,” says Dan Schille, vice-president of The Floor Show. “It’s time we do something about it.”

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