What is Trending in Ceramic Tile for 2023: Report

North America’s largest international tile and stone exhibition and conference has revealed ceramic tile trends for this year.

The trends were gathered and forecasted by the three leading international tile associations and sponsors of Coverings 2023Ceramics of Italy, Tile Council of North America and Tile of Spain — which will take place April 18-21, in Orlando, Fla.

Here are the top 10.

Bricks Tile
The humble brick conjures a handmade feeling, while also serving as a module for creating wholly unique compositions. Ceramic tile can be stacked horizontally or vertically to create monochromatic environments or mixed with different colours to construct myriad patterns like stripes, chevron and herringbone.

Cemented Tile
Concrete looks can bring visual harmony to a space and still evoke a raw urban energy. A worn patina effect tells the story, sometimes layered, sanded or tinted. Cemented tile’s subtle colour variation and often dimensional texture makes it versatile enough to suit a wide range of applications, from bustling corner cafes to serene spa-like garden spaces.

Cobbled Tile
Large-scale aggregate looks ranging from time-worn terrazzo to cobblestone to Byzantine mosaics can ground a space with a foundation of history but with the modern technology of porcelain panels. This tile trend allows the old-world charm of cobblestone without a threat to stilettoed passersby.

Wood-look Tile
The natural world is made even more wondrous when creative elements can be combined for the best outcome. Ceramic tile companies have perfected the art of wood-like tile, which remains an important solution for projects that desire the aesthetic but require the ease of maintenance that ceramic tile provides. Creative applications of wood-look tile abound as a favoured trend and are fast-becoming highly preferred.

The Alabama collection is a wood-look ceramic tile in a herringbone pattern. Photo courtesy ITT Ceramic.

Emerald City
Jade, sage, mint and aloe — no other hue conjures nature like the colour green. Select manufacturers have released show-stopping porcelain slabs featuring saturated colours, giant palms and exotic stones like green onyx and Patagonia green marble. Others take a subtler approach, offering large and small-format tiles in muted shades of green and subtle textures like Moroccan plaster.

Enduring Elegance
From subtle shading and colours used by designers in both residential and commercial settings to creative uses of naturally forming striations that give added depth to walkways and flooring, large-format ceramic tiles are statement-making and create elegant and enduring aesthetics.

Available in three different tones, the Toscana collection adds elegance and sophistication to any space. Photo courtesy Cicogres.

Nature-inspired Indoor-Outdoor Tile
An overall appreciation of the natural world remains unabated. Connecting interior and exterior living spaces with ceramic tile inspired by Mother Nature blurs the line between the built environment and natural settings, which encourages a better, more flexible use of available space. Today’s talented tile manufacturers excel at providing anti-slip, easy to maintain ceramic solutions that enhance natural offerings. This ultimate tile application is even more apropos with hyper-realistic interpretations of natural elements, painterly florals and new material looks like cork and rammed earth. The trend is further enhanced by porcelain tile collections with two-centimetre-thick outdoor pavers to match their thinner indoor counterparts, allowing for indoor-outdoor transitions with stylistic continuity.

Sensory Seduction
Ceramic tiles are the perfect material when a room or project needs to elevate every element in perfect harmony. This trend is experienced in many types of tiled settings that beckon the senses and create a desire to experience the space to its fullest, often giving rise to a feeling of relaxation or even excitement, depending upon the chosen application and essence of design.

Seventies Tile
The ‘70s was a decade defined by dichotomies. On one hand, it celebrated spectacle with glam rock artists, flashy prints and metallic accessories; on the other, it was very naturalistic and breezy. Materials and patterns conjuring the sailing lifestyle became popular, including stripes, wavy patterns and wood panelling. Earthy tones and pop art florals were also prevalent, which can be seen in this groovy ceramic tile trend today.

Undulated Tile
There is a trending desire for goods made for people by people and this holds true for ceramic tile. Subtle undulations in the surface emulate manually applied thick glazes. Gently uneven surfaces draw the eye and create the sense that each tile was intentionally crafted by a skilled artisan.

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