WFCA CEO’s Live Video Series Returns for Another Season

World Floor Covering Association CEO Scott Humphrey has launched the latest season of his video series Leadership Live.

Titled The Dash, the name represents the central theme for 2024, which sets to explore the profound space between birth and death — life’s dash.

This season builds on the success of his previous series, such as Leadership by the Letter and The Lead Story.

“I believe The Dash will be a transformative experience for viewers, encouraging them to live with intention, kindness and a deep understanding of the impact one can make during their lifetime. Because in the end, it’s not the length of your life; it’s how you live your dash,” says Humphrey.

Scott Humphrey’s Leadership Live video series is entering its fourth year.

Humphrey launched his video series in April 2020, amidst the pandemic, inspired by the necessity for meaningful connections during challenging times. At the time, he envisioned a platform committed to fostering connections, purpose and kindness — a haven where individuals discover a wellspring of inspiration, uniting through compelling stories of resilience and triumph.

The series is coming up to its 200th episode, which will broadcast in February.

Every Friday, a new five-minute live episode airs.

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