Anderson Tuftex Adds to its Wood Line

Anderson Tuftex has crafted two new styles and one colour addition to its hardwood flooring as part of the company’s first phase of product introductions for 2024.

Serene tones and time worn textures elevate the character of Coast to Coast, a European white oak. Every 7.5-inch plank is carefully brushed, painted and then sanded to achieve a crafted finish with the natural essence of weathered painted wood.

Transcendence features an innovative brushed-on stain that reacts with the natural tannins of the hickory wood. This allows the planks to undergo an elegant transformation, capturing the genuine vintage essence of treasured hardwood.

Coast to Coast and Transcendence are available in eight and five colours, respectively.

A warm addition, Imperial Pecan finds balance between smooth and more complex grains. No two planks are exactly alike — each one resembles different grain patterns seen in pine, white oak and hickory.

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