Unilin Launches PVC-Free Products

Unilin Technologies has launched two new PVC-free core technologies, XPC and P-SPC, that will contribute to a more durable resilient flooring market.

The XPC material is composed of polymers mixed with glass fibres and other filling materials. It is produced by hot pressing the powdered mixture into a mould, which makes embossing on the surface possible. The core can be finished with any kind of top layer used in flooring, including melamine or digitally printed top layers, making it highly adaptable to the end consumer’s needs.

XPC is completely dimensionally stable, providing an ideal alternative for the mainstream luxury vinyl tile and stone plastic composite (SPC) products, says the company. Because of the dimensional stability, the core will not expand when heated up nor shrink when cooled down. XPC products are therefore suited to be installed in direct sunlight and will not suffer from so-called hot spots.

The P-SPC core is the environmentally friendly alternative to SPC. It offers the possibility to be made from recycled materials and is by itself recyclable.

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