Unilin Granted Patent for PIR on Ceramic Tiles

Unilin Technologies has added patents to its ceramics portfolio.

The specific patent, 10,988,942, with a 2013 priority date, strengthens the company’s broad patent portfolio on the method of digitally printing a specific design, such as wood or marble, in register with the correspondingly structured relief surface of ceramic tiles.

Unilin also holds similar patent protection in Europe, as well as other countries.

This patent is complementary to the company’s comprehensive and growing ceramic tile patent portfolio on digital surface texture technologies. Several patents have already been granted for the use of digital glaze to create a surface texture before or after printing the decorative design, including patent EP2108524.

Patents have also been granted to Unilin regarding digital powder glazing technology. This involves glue being digitally printed in a predefined pattern. A powder is then spread onto the glue, creating embossed structures after vacuum removal of unglued powder and subsequent firing.

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