Underlayment products improve handling, crack resistance

CustomBuildingProducts2In an improvement to its flagship self-leveling underlayment products for use under tile, Custom Building Products has announced formula upgrades for its LevelQuik Self-Leveling Underlayment series of products.

This includes LevelQuik RS, for rapid setting applications and LevelQuik ES, with extended setting properties, as well as LevelQuik Primer.

The new LevelQuik formula is said to provide superior crack resistance, better handling and even greater coverage.

Its Controlled Cure Technology regulates the rate at which water evaporates during the curing process, prompting fast and consistent hydration.

LevelQuik also helps eliminate installation problems including bond failure, crumbling and staining of resilient flooring caused by free moisture found in traditional underlayments.

The advanced formula LevelQuik primer is said to provide improved adhesion, fast drying, excellent coverage and suitability for use with all common substrates.

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