Ultra-slim Movement Joint Profile for Tile

Dilex-F by Schluter-Systems is the company’s slimmest movement joint profile at only one-eighth of an inch thick.

Engineered for large, tiled floor installations, the product features an interchangeable inlay in a range of colours to match popular grout choices. This allows it to seamlessly blend into any tile field by mimicking grout lines, ensuring minimal visual disruption while accommodating movement and preventing damage to the tiled surface.

Dilex-F comprises two essential components: the carrier profile and the interchangeable silicone inlay.

The carrier profile is made from a rigid PVC and features anchoring legs that secure the profile during tile installation. It also has a removable cover to protect the carrier channel from grout and other debris during installation.

The silicone inlay is available in 10 colours, has a surface treatment that reduces the accumulation of dust and dirt, and seamlessly fits into the carrier channel for a clean finish.

A specially designed installation tool is included with each roll of silicone inlay, assisting with both cleaning the carrier channel of debris and installing the inlay.

Movement joints play a crucial role in ensuring the longevity of tile floors by serving as stress relievers within the tile assembly. They facilitate the natural expansion and contraction of the floor without jeopardizing its integrity. In the absence of movement joints, tiles are prone to lifting or ‘tenting,’ underscoring the significance of incorporating such profiles in both residential and commercial settings.

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