Tile Design takes Cue from Runway Fashion

By Nicole Goetz

Milan fashion week served as a reminder of the long-standing impact the fashion industry has on tile trends. Many of the top tile manufacturers are based in Italy, known for its beautiful textiles and cutting-edge design, so it is only natural that they draw inspiration from runway influences.

All this inspiration had to be taken in virtually this year, not only in Italy but globally. The worldwide pandemic has caused society to withdraw and this seclusion has led people to find their own personal style and level of comfort, making their homes a reflection of themselves.

Just as individuals are unique, this year’s ‘looks’ have something for everyone. Here’s what’s hot in fashion that is shaping tile trends in 2021.

Seeing Green
In the wilderness where Wi-Fi is weak, deeper connections are made. This is where the thriving green colour trends originated — amongst the trees, plants and moss. In today’s fashion, there are many different shades from mint green to emerald. This is also influenced by increased awareness of sustainability and climate change. Replicating a variety of greens in bold or subtle patterns makes it possible to create a personal private oasis.

Verde Fantastico gauged porcelain panels by Fiandre Maximum have a dark green background, covered with white, brown and ocher details that create a snake skin motif reminiscent of the rainforest. Photo courtesy Ames Tile & Stone.

Oversized Everything
Comfort is the key takeaway of today’s new lifestyle, so it’s no wonder big blazers and wide-leg pants are in vogue. This translates seamlessly into the current tile trend of oversized gauged porcelain panels in sizes as large as 5-feet by 10-feet. They create a feeling of space and openness, allowing the eyes and mind to find calm in an uncertain world.

Nature’s Neutrals
With technology fatigue and constant stimulation, there is yearning to go back to deep-rooted foundations to feel more grounded. A choice of neutral colour tones keeps anxiety at bay. Textiles of natural fabrics in sandy browns and warm clay act like a big hug. Matte finish tiles with the same organic colour palette do the same for living spaces, providing a much-needed break from the bright lights and reflective screens. This earthy colour palette is timeless and helps create a more Zen experience.

Black and White
Bold and beautiful, black and white always makes a statement and goes with everything. The striking contrast between the two is mirrored in large, gauged porcelain panels. Using the most basic colour pattern can also lend itself well to a classic design.

Italgraniti Lux Experience in Panda White. Available in a variety of sizes, the large porcelain panels have an innovative marble-effect surface. Photo courtesy Ames Tile & Stone.

Playful Pastels and Shapes
A spectrum of colours that reflect joy and optimism for the future is blooming this season. The pastel palette seen on the runways ranges from buttery and soft to bright and beaming. Sharp shoulder design elements seen in the cuts of tops and blazers are also having a ripple effect, resulting in the creation of fun shapes in ceramics with elongated hexagons, pentagons, triangles and chevrons.

Nicole Goetz is the business development leader at Ames Tile & Stone. Nicole has an education in interior design and has been in the floor covering industry for more that 16 years. Ames Tile & Stone is the exclusive dealer in Western Canada of Fiandre Maximum gauged porcelain panels, which has more than 64 colour options.

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