Tile Reflects Company’s Heritage

Launched in celebration of its 30th anniversary, New Ravenna’s Heritage collection includes 14 mosaic tile designs, all handcrafted from stone, jewel glass and glazed basalto with accents of brass and metallic glaze.

Heritage was inspired by New Ravenna’s three decades of artisan innovation. The essential design ethos from each decade was reinterpreted to create a collection that honours ancient mosaic techniques, while celebrating innovation in materials and imaginative design. History, Texture and Colour comprise the categories, which reflect each decade.

The History patterns reflect the company’s first decade when it was inspired by the ancient mosaics of the roman African tradition.

Texture informed New Ravenna’s second decade when it innovated in the creation of tatami, cosmos and Venetian honing techniques. This was the decade the company also incorporated metallic accents to add reflective shine and glamour.

Colour dominated the third decade as New Ravenna expanded its palette options by adding brilliant jewel glass and glazed basalto. The company pioneered ombré blends and discovered the joy of adding bold pops of colour.

Heritage includes multiple finishes to create textures that reflect historical precedence. The materials in the collection have been honed, polished, pillowed and tumbled. Mosaic techniques range from hand-cutting and chopping to water-jet. Depending on the material, Heritage can be installed on walls and floors, indoors and out.

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