TCNA Releases Industry-Wide Material Ingredient Guide

The Tile Council of North America (TCNA) has published a material ingredient guide, the first of its kind by any building product industry.

The guide provides information about the material ingredients used industry-wide by North American tile, mortar and grout manufacturers, as well as in-depth health assessments of those materials.

It can also be used as a resource by manufacturers when providing the content and chemical makeup of their products or ‘material ingredient transparency.’

“Product ingredient disclosure is in high demand,” says Dan Marvin, chair of TCNA’s green initiative committee. “The tile industry is committed to thoroughness, consistency and transparency in reporting information about the materials from which our products are made.”

In developing the guide, 17 manufacturers collaborated on the largest crowdfunded collection of GreenScreen assessments for chemical hazards to date for two reasons. The first was to obtain GreenScreen benchmark scores (listed within the guide) for the vast majority of material ingredients used by ceramic tile, mortar and grout manufacturers. Next, it was to facilitate referencing these benchmark scores and associated GreenScreen assessments when developing manufacturer inventories and/or health product declarations (HPD) that qualify for contribution to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), WELL and Living Building Challenge ‘optimization’ credits.

“Following the guide’s suggested steps and referencing industry-wide GreenScreen assessments not only facilitates product compliance with green and healthy building certification programs, but also enhances brand trust with customers,” says TCNA’s director of standards development and sustainability initiatives, Bill Griese.

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