TCNA Laboratory Expands Testing and Research

Katelyn Simpson

Due to increased testing inquiries during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Anderson, S.C.-based Tile Council of North America (TCNA) Product Performance Testing Laboratory is expanding its microbiology-based services to meet industry needs for up-to-date product testing and analysis.

”The broad expertise of our lab, combined with our joint-use collaboration with Clemson University, means we can address a wide range of testing needs, including the design of custom testing,” said Katelyn Simpson, TCNA’s Director of Laboratory Services.

New services include antiviral testing to determine the survival rates/duration of viruses on different surface materials and the efficacy of common household cleaners to disinfect these surfaces.

TCNA will also be joining the ASTM task force for developing surrogates for the SARS-CoV-2 virus for testing purposes.

The TCNA laboratory has a long history of microbiological testing and research on ceramic tiles and other floor and wall coverings, including ground-breaking research on photocatalytic antimicrobial surfaces and the antimicrobial effects of various metal oxides in glazes.

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