Tarkett Taps into Beauty of Nature

Tarkett’s Meta Firma collection includes two new soft surface patterns, Earthbound and Skyward, and a coordinating luxury vinyl tile (LVT) that celebrate the beauty and splendour of earth and sky.

Earthbound is reminiscent of the way earth’s landscapes have been layered and weathered through millennia. Created in collaboration with Tick Studio, the team gained inspiration from diverse texture and colour variations around the globe, especially the salt flats found in North America.

While Earthbound anchors inhabitants with a focus on the paths beneath their feet, Skyward sets their gaze upward, with a translation of the obscured night sky and unbounded galaxies.

Both Earthbound and Skyward are available in three modular tile sizes: nine-inch by 36-inch, 18-inch by 36-inch and 24-inch by 24-inch.

Analog Field completes the collection. The digitally printed LVT explores the continuity of the atmosphere alongside its irregularities in a technical, yet whimsical approach. It’s available in two tile sizes (12-inch by 36-inch and 18-inch by 18-inch) and three standard colours, or can be customized to match any colour specification.

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