Tarkett makes Sustainability Specifications more Transparent

Tarkett has introduced two new sustainability specification tools for its products.

Tarkett Floorprint is a set of 12 documents — one for each major category of the company’s product collections — detailing all pertinent data and certification information in one convenient location.

In addition to this, the documents include carbon emission data for each stage of the product life cycle, how the product supports human health and well-being, and how it reduces climate impact by contributing to a circular economy.

“It’s our job as the manufacturer to partner with our customers and make healthy, sustainable design easier for them to accomplish,” says Roxane Spears, vice-president of sustainability for Tarkett North America.

According to a recent survey by the American Institute of Architects, 79 per cent of architects would like to specify more sustainable materials than they already do; however, 43% said they lack the time or resources to research sustainable products and 28% said it’s too difficult to find information on product/material sustainability.

“The fact that so many architects are stressing the importance of sustainable materials is incredibly good news for the industry and the planet,” says Spears.

The company has also added its flooring products to the Design for Health platform by MindClick. The MindClick Sustainability Assessment Program (MSAP) rates social and environmental impacts throughout the product life cycle. All evaluated Tarkett flooring products have earned a ‘leader’ status with the organization.

“Tarkett’s approach to health and wellness is extremely comprehensive,” says Spears. “Instead of focusing on just one area of sustainability, we truly take a holistic approach to the design of our products that considers every impact on human and planet health.”

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