Tactile warning products provide safety surfaces

Mar-Bal detectable warning systems (DWS) AlertCast is an ADA-compliant product engineered for visually impaired or handicapped pedestrians.

The product offers rigid composite material solutions with ‘tactile cues’ for either cast-in-place or surface applied construction and safety applications.

The DWS product is made of glass-reinforced thermoset, cast-in-place, rigid composite engineered for impact resistance, slip resistance, wear resistance and long-term durability.

Its lightweight design incorporates a panel of slip-resistant truncated domes designed to comply with ADA standards. Should the need arise, the tiles are also replaceable.

Available colours include: yellow, colonial red, brick red, safety red, black, gray and ocean blue.

Dome spacing is 2.40 in. centre-to-centre, slip resistance is 1.03/dry and 0.83/wet, compressive strength is 30,000 psi and sizes range from 2 x 3 feet to 3 x 5 feet.

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