Soft Surface Design Trends Report Now Available

Mohawk Industries has released its inaugural residential soft surface design trends report.

Titled Renewed Transformation to reflect the ups and downs consumers have experienced since 2020, the report serves to drive the conversation of design innovation between retailers and consumers.

“The pandemic drastically changed our traditional approaches to living, working, schooling and playing,” says Audra Keiber, Mohawk’s director of design and development, soft surface. “Our homes have become havens as we have ridden the waves of lockdowns, emotional burnout and global unrest. These realities are driving consumers to place more emphasis on sustainability, wellness and personal growth.”

Based on extensive research, the report considers all vital social and lifestyle elements that are trending in the market.

“Outlining all of our new possibilities and ideations, Renewed Transformation gives retailers the foundational tools and confidence they need to navigate through the current trends and provide their customers, even the most indecisive customer, with perfect styles for their spaces,” says Keiber. “Mohawk matches the market’s continuous design evolution and we provide retailers with products that have sustainability, performance and fashion in mind.”

Inspired by nature, Renewed Transformation brings balance and harmony into any space using colours like warm neutrals, rich browns and calming accents of blues and greens.

“Many patterns and textures in fashion have an organic look and feel, capturing the essence of imperfection found with natural elements,” says Keiber. “In 2023, a soft blurring of lines and colours will create abstract impressions and evoke a synesthesia of textural design to stimulate the senses and intrigue the soul.”

In support of the report, which is available through retailers’ Mohawk sales representative, retail partners can anticipate new product launches that support the Renewed Transformation colour story.

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