Sherwin-Williams Rolls Out New Flooring Systems Portfolio

Paint and coating manufacturer Sherwin-Williams has launched a newly organized product portfolio for its High Performance Flooring.

The portfolio includes a new naming system, colour palettes and website for the company’s resinous flooring products that serve both commercial and industrial markets and are suitable for stadiums, arenas, schools, universities, healthcare facilities and manufacturing.

Sherwin-Williams says the goal is to help customers more easily find and be inspired by the flooring systems, products and design features appropriate to their projects and applications.

“We are well-known for our enduring relationships among contractors and flooring applicators because of our efficient distribution and hands-on technical assistance,” says Sherwin-Williams global marketing director for flooring, Casey A. Ball. “We do whatever it takes to support flawless, timely execution.”

The new product naming system brings together product families from several previous product lines, many of which were sold under the General Polymers name. The portfolio is organized by chemistry (for example, epoxy, elastomeric, urethane) and further subdivided by function (for example, decorative, heavy-duty flooring for pharmaceutical, research and biotech facilities).

While the General Polymers name is being retired, the products themselves will remain exactly the same. The sales numbers for each individual product will also not change. This means ordering the same product as before will be very easy, says Sherwin-Williams. For example, if a customer previously ordered General Polymers 3461, now they will order Resuflor 3461.

Along with the new naming system, there are four new High Performance Flooring colour palettes corresponding to four types of blends: Deco Quartz, Deco Flake, Resuflor Topcoat Metallic and Terrazzo. Theses palettes consist of updated shades organized from cool to warm blends, and are applicable to a wide range of the High Performance Flooring products and systems.

Featured colours in the new palettes, however, are only a place to start, says the company. The High Performance Flooring team can generate a variety of custom blends or colour matches, including matches to other industry colour systems.

“Designers, architects and specifiers who work with Sherwin-Williams know that we are agile and discerning in the category of colour expertise,” says Ball. “We will fine-tune the colour until it’s just right. It’s not unusual for us to generate dozens of colour samples in gray or blue, for example, as we assist designers in discovering the perfect shade for the project.”

The final element in the portfolio is a new website that has been designed not only for applicators, contractors and owners but also for architects and designers. It is equipped with tools for design and specification, as well as product applications.

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