Self-bonding anti-fracture membrane

The self-adhering Elastomeric Crack Bridging (ECB) anti-fracture membrane from NAC Products is a sheet applied elastomeric membrane is designed for use under floor surfaces that require protection from structural movement.

ECB consists of a base layer of polymer modified elastomers, permanently laminated to a unique “stress flex” fibre sheet.

Together they form a single 1/16 in. thick, high strength self-bonding membrane that is said to be easily applied to materials such as hardwood, concrete, vinyl, terrazzo, tile and stone.

The elastomeric base functions as a buffer, absorbing the thermal and lateral structural movement of the sub-floor (up to 3/8 in.), while the “stress flex” fibre sheet creates a new flooring surface that will accommodate most ANSI A118.4 mortars, organic adhesives and epoxy setting materials.

The membrane is designed to adhere permanently to the substrate, remains flexible and will last the life of the flooring surface, the company says.

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