Resilient LVT Inspired by Block Printing

Linocut resilient flooring by Patcraft is ideal for high-demand environments.

The luxury vinyl tile features a multidimensional abstract, textural pattern that helps hide scratches, scuffs and dirt while disguising seams.

Vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines softly appear through a layered design that accentuates the subtle forms and shapes. The visual was inspired by artful experiments with block printing, a process that led to a distinctive geometric aesthetic.

Linocut has 13 colourways, incorporating both neutral and bright hues, allowing for creative installations, wayfinding and definition of space within the built environment.

It’s available in 9-inch by 36-inch planks and features a 20-mil wear layer for durability.

The flooring is polish and buff optional for hassle-free maintenance.

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