Resilient Flooring Inspired by Artwork

Patcraft’s latest resilient collection, Create in Place, features a range of complementary patterns that explore shape and colour in the abstract.

Iterate is an aggregate-inspired pattern with a terrazzo-like visual, where each stone fleck was painted using a different brush size.

Reach is a linear pattern created with a block-and-string printing method that is composited together in varying angles, highlighting the directionality of the visual.

Energize is a small-scale texture pattern that was developed by layering block printed artwork.

The three styles can be used to promote wayfinding, guiding transition and movement throughout the built environment, while also coordinating and defining a space.

Create in Place is available in nine-inch by 36-inch luxury vinyl planks and 10 colourways.

Its five-millimetre product construction allows for installation alongside carpet without the need for a transition strip.

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