Grout Palette Inspired by Music

Mapei’s latest grout lines, collectively referred to as the Sound of Colour, have a mix of old favourites and a dozen new selections.

The refreshed palette includes six colour collections featuring 12 entirely new colours: Rock (saturated, monochromatic, metallic colours); Chill-Out (a cool palette of blues and greens); Disco (iridescent, glittering hues); Retro (vintage hues in a warm/cool palette); High-Energy (the warmest palette) and Country (deeply saturated earth tones).

The entire line is based upon the theme of music because the colours themselves are so evocative of song with the highlights and tones playing upon the viewer’s moods, says Mapei.

The collections were created to harmonize with the company’s matching caulks, which are also available in the new colours.

The Sound of Colour is a collaboration between Mapei and a variety of designers and architects, as well as the industrial coatings industry, to determine the most popular colours on the market.

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