New Intros from Philadelphia Commercial

Philadelphia Commercial’s newest soft and hard surface introductions include broadloom and resilient styles.

The Nuscape carpet tile collection features two styles intentionally designed to pair well together for a cohesive aesthetic solution: Desert Dunes and Colour Fields. Grounded in textural earth tones, Desert Dunes embraces the serenity of the desert landscape with a repetitive pattern reminiscent of windswept sand dunes. Colour Fields is bold and vibrant, adding interest to the floor with saturated colours inspired by lush fields of flowers.

New broadloom introductions include Avenue, Prelude, Confetto, Small Wonder and Free Press. Avenue is inspired by wool textiles, capturing a handsome understated style. Prelude is inspired by hand-knitted materials and contains visuals with soft variegated colour and textural movement. Both Avenue and Prelude are meant to be utilized in the private resident areas of multi-family and single-family living spaces. Confetto reinvents the classic loop with fresh, new colours, while Small Wonder is a small basketweave with a soft but tailored appearance. Free Press is inspired by the timeless craft of basket weaving, and effortlessly evokes the subtle contrast and depth of texture. All three styles are designed with the office and retail tenant improvement in mind.

New resilient styles include Rewild, Metalsmith and Tecton. Rewild is a collection with an innate and transformative connection to nature. Its unique olive wood design, artisanal qualities of expression contouring and enriched colour variations evoke warmth and serenity. Metalsmith is inspired by naturally weathered textures and mimics the elemental look of imperfect and worn metals magnified in an ombre tint. Tecton is an evolution of raw materials and a reflection of evolving styles, showing imperfect beauty through the colours and textures of nature.

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