Elevated Style for Carpet Tile

Philadelphia Commercial’s 2024 soft surface introductions include two new paired collections: Aim High and Rise Up; and Vantage and Visibility.

Aim High and Rise Up were designed to encapsulate the essence of hope and inspiration as one looks to the future and aims to realize goals.

Aim High’s small-scale organic visual is reminiscent of the morning sky’s reflection across the rippling surface of a peaceful lake.

Rise Up features a larger, more graphic organic mesh pattern representative of the lake’s surface as boats paddle through it.

Vantage and Visibility are inspired by a photographer’s point of view, elevating the world through their unique perspective and abstract artistry. While the patterns appear subtle at first glance, their sophisticated colour play and soft movement become more apparent upon walking about a room.

Visibility features a subtle eroded plaid texture that comes and goes like the San Francisco fog rolling across the bay.

Like the iconic cables of the Golden Gate Bridge emerging through the haze, Vantage adds a striking architectural element of intersecting lines.

The new collections are offered in 18-inch by 36-inch carpet tile styles.

They were designed specifically with tenant improvement, education and residential market segments in mind.

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