Online app uses room smartphone photo to sell flooring options

Shown is the original room on top, with an Alexanian area rug in the middle and Evoke flooring laminate on the bottom.

Flooring websites have begun to implement an app that uses smartphone photos of consumers’ rooms to quickly demonstrate what the area would look like with different products superimposed, such as carpets, LVT and hardwood.

The Evoke flooring brand of Metropolitan Hardwood Floors of Delta, B.C., and Toronto, Ont.-based Alexanian Carpet & Flooring have both added Roomvo software visualization links to their websites.

Developed by Toronto-based Leap Tools Inc., Roomvo allows consumers to upload a picture of a room to the app so that consumers can view the same room in different flooring styles. Negotiations with other flooring retailers and manufacturers are currently under way, according to Leap Tools ceo Pawel Rajszel.

Allan Alexanian, rug buyer and website supervisor with Alexanian, says his company has rolled out a “soft launch” for the tool to sell area rugs, a product that “consumers often undersize when purchasing.”

He points out that the app “automasks the product image around furniture, adds shading values and determines lighting” so that area rugs are “virtually” put in place in the room photograph.

“There’s been great engagement online and guys in the store politely ask the customer if they have a photo of their room on their smartphone. While still in the store, the customer go can directly to our website to view their options.”

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