Non-PVC Resilient Flooring Rivals Vinyl

Collective Pursuit is a first-of-its-kind non-PVC resilient flooring collection from Tarkett North America that includes both plank and tile.

The line is comprised of four nature-inspired designs, offered in a total of 10 wood and stone visuals.

Kyoto Stone SKS comes in two colours with subtle textures that evoke balance and harmony.

Monteverde Oak SMV consists of two clean-grained oak hues that create a calming connection to nature and celebrate the natural wonder of mountain forests.

North Island Oak SNI channels the inherent beauty of wood through three natural colours, each with flowing grains and realistic effects seemingly culled directly from nature.

Umbria Oak SBK is offered in three rich wood tones that are reminiscent of picturesque Umbrian landscapes.

All are available in 7.2-inch by 48-inch planks, with the exception of Kyoto Stone SKS, which is available in 12-inch by 24-inch planks.

Testing has proven the collection rivals luxury tile in dimensional stability, impact resistance and ease of maintenance, says Tarkett.

Collective Pursuit is LBC Red List-free and ortho-phthalate-free. The LBC Red List catalogues chemicals representing the ‘worst in class’ substances prevalent in the building industry that pose serious risks to human health and the environment. The collection is also part of ReStart, the company’s flooring take-back and recycling program.

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