Nominations Now Open for New Customer Service Award

The World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) is seeking nominations for a newly created award that celebrates a flooring retail professional’s commitment to excellence in customer service.

The award is named after retail training expert Tom Jennings, who made his mark in the floor covering industry by focusing on his mantra, “They say that champions don’t do one thing a 100 per cent better than their competitors, rather they do a hundred things 1 per cent better.”

Jennings’ motto stems from his belief that the only truly unique offering a company has to sell are the people in its organization, and the sole differentiator between a great and average business is the great ones keep improving.

Tom Jennings

To be presented annually, the award recognizes Tom Jennings’ life’s work by encouraging and rewarding retail owners and principal managers who share his vision of raising the professionalism of flooring individuals, place the highest value on the customer experience and seize the responsibility for making that vision real.

Nominations are being accepted until Dec. 15. Candidates must be a WFCA member and should embody the same qualities of the award’s namesake — an individual who goes above and beyond by displaying a positive attitude, eliminates barriers for customers by effectively and efficiently communicating, collaborating and addressing customer needs, has been ‘caught in the act’ of delivering exceptional service and serves as a role model to coworkers.

The award recipient will be selected by a committee made up of flooring retailers.

The inaugural Tom Jennings Champion Award will be presented at the International Surface Event (TISE) in February 2022.

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