New Radiant Heating Installer Certification Program

WarmlyYours has launched an installer certification program to help provide continuous radiant heating training.

The company created the program for professionals, such as flooring installers, electricians, general contractors and paving contractors.

Currently, it’s split into two tiers, one for floor heating and one for snow melting. Each consists of different learning modules with corresponding assessments and should take less than seven total hours to complete. The courses do not need to be taken in a single sitting.

Upon successful completion of a tier, participants receive an online certificate, registered certification number, notifications throughout the year about crucial updates to products and training materials, and potential customer referrals in their area of operation.

WarmlyYours owner and president, Julia Billen, says the online training program will help pair homeowner customers with experienced installers, while also keeping those installers informed of the latest developments in radiant heating installation techniques and products.

“I know our professional customers are some of the best installers in the world but I also know that installing radiant heating is sometimes just a single part of their business,” she says. “This certification program makes sure our customers are up-to-date on the biggest changes to technology and materials, and it allows us an opportunity to connect our homeowner customers with people we know are going to install our products correctly.”

According to Billen, WarmlyYours was uniquely positioned to create a certification program of this magnitude due to the core areas of focus for the company: customer service and radiant heating knowledge.

“We’ve spent more than 20 years building our knowledge base by designing hundreds of thousands of radiant heating systems and by maintaining our 24/7 technical support hotline,” she says. “Now we’re finally getting a chance to share that knowledge directly with the people that are actually in the field everyday.”

The company plans to expand the program in the future to also cover installing towel warmers and troubleshooting radiant heating systems.

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