New Category of Tile Adhesive

TotalFlex XMS is a new category of ready-to-use, modified silane tile adhesive by TEC that is ideal for exterior gauged porcelain panels, submerged water use and a range of extreme temperature conditions.

The accelerated curing formulation also provides robust non-sag/non-slump adhesion, combined with long open time and extra smooth trowelling.

TotalFlex XMS is premixed and requires only a single side application, reducing labour time compared to the use of traditional cement-based mortars. The tile adhesive can be used for multiple applications, such as interior and exterior walls and countertops, water features and showers, porcelain, glass, metal, stone and resin-backed tiles, including large format.

The product was developed to make challenging tile installation projects easier and faster, says the company. It underwent rigorous testing before coming to market — from freeze and thaw cycles to long-term chlorine water submersions to simulate a pool.

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