Epoxy Moisture Mitigation Solution

Laticrete’s Vapor Ban E is a single coat, 100 per cent solids, liquid-applied two-part epoxy coating specifically designed for controlling the moisture vapour emission rate from new or existing concrete slabs.

It protects moisture and pH-sensitive floor coverings, such as most resinous coatings, vinyl, rubber, hardwood, carpet, ceramic tile and stone, up to 100 per cent relative humidity and reduces the moisture vapour emission rate from less than or equal to 25 pounds to below three pounds. Additionally, Vapor Ban E exceeds the ASTM F3010 (below 0.1 perms) standard and is compatible with non-water-based adhesives.

The product can be pigmented with Laticrete’s line of concentrated colourants, Spartacote Universal Pigments. It also accepts a broadcast of Spartacote Blended Chip (flake) or Quartz, which saves an installation step by broadcasting directly into a concrete vapour barrier, and can be used with both the Laticrete Nxt and Supercap product lines of high-performing self-levelling underlayments and traffic-bearing overlays.

Vapor Ban E replaces the company’s Nxt Vapor Reduction Coating, Spartacote Moisture Vapor Barrier and Supercap Moisture Vapor Control. The product offers the benefits and features of each of these epoxy moisture mitigation products in an easy-to-use, all-in-one formula. This also simplifies ordering and reduces inventory carrying costs, says the company.

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