Membrane provides sound abatement

Super SAM 125 sound abatement membrane from NAC Products is designed for surfaces that require impact and audible sound reduction without a sound-rated ceiling assembly.

The product is a 1/8 in. thick, self-adhering, sound deadening sheet membrane chemically formulated to reduce airborne (STC) and impact (IIC) sound transmission when used under hard surface flooring such as stone, ceramic and porcelain tile, and wood.

The membrane is composed of modified elastomers, sound deadening resins and reinforced woven fibres. Sound abatement can be over 6- and 8-in. concrete slabs and a variety of wood substrates.

The product protects against reflective cracking and delamination and reduces live and dead load failures.

It safely covers asbestos flooring and provides an effective barrier against radon and mold.

The membrane also works with radiant-heated floors and tile warming systems.

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