Membrane for Challenging Substrates

Mapei’s Mapeguard UM 35 is a crack isolation, vapour management, waterproofing and uncoupling membrane.

Made from a lightweight, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that lays flat when unrolled, the product features a fleece fabric backing that has been engineered for tenacious mechanical bonding to the substrate. The HDPE surface is slightly rough, which helps create an excellent bond with the mortar, as well as hold the chalk when a chalk line is snapped.

The membrane’s uniquely shaped circular cells fill with material, not air bubbles, when mortar is trowelled over the surface. This reduces applicator fatigue. What’s more, since the cells fill on the first trowel pass, the amount of mortar needed to complete the job is minimized.

Mapeguard UM 35 is designed for use on both wood and concrete surfaces, and even works well on tile-over-tile installations.

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