Mastering Colour Psychology in Retail Design

By Shanira Jaen

Often overlooked but always critical is colour psychology when designing retail spaces. Colour psychology focuses on colour as a means of creating a specific atmosphere. Using colours wisely can affect customers’ moods and induce desired behaviours.

Neutrals like beige, brown and grey are a simple, classic and safe colour choice — you never have to worry that a space will become outdated or disruptive to day-to-day activity. They also often take on the characteristics of other colours and can be used to reinforce those influences. And because they provide the perfect backdrop, you can easily change up the style of a retail space by adding different pops of colour.

Neutrals can have warm or cool undertones and even a mixture of both. Warm neutrals like beige help create a cozy and intimate space, while cooler tones like taupe evoke a sense of calm and keep people’s senses from becoming overloaded.

Green is often associated with nature, so it’s no surprise that it can invoke a sense of peace and harmony in a space. Adding green to common spaces like employee lounges can help staff relax during their downtime so they feel reenergized to return to the sales floor.

Red and Orange
Red and orange attract attention making them ideal for high-energy commercial interiors. These colours excite a person and have been found to increase heart rate and blood pressure.

The cheerfulness and optimism of yellow make it a great colour for showroom waiting areas. It is also associated with intellect, logic and the ability to improve analytical and creative thinking, so meeting rooms can benefit from yellow, too.

Blue and Purple
Blue is a staple in commercial retail as it is the colour of trust and dependability. Although used less often, purple balances blue and red, promoting harmony of the mind and emotions.

Black and White
Though technically shades, not colours, black and white have become increasingly popular in commercial settings, particularly when wanting to achieve a minimalist, modern aesthetic. While both are striking, black is the ‘colour’ of sophistication and elegance, while white represents purity and cleanliness. Combined, the colour palette creates a sleek, chic retail space that portrays excellence and professionalism.

Shanira Jaen is the digital marketing specialist at Avalon Flooring, a premier flooring supplier with 17 locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Avalon Flooring has been serving the building industry since 1958, with a wide range of residential and commercial flooring solutions, including tile, hardwood, luxury vinyl and natural stone, as well as vanities, window treatments and area rugs.

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