Mapei Launches Online Calculator for Flooring Products

Mapei has introduced a calculator for its industrial flooring products.

The new tool allows project planners and installers to quickly determine estimates of product quantities for any job requiring cementitious or resinous flooring systems.

“(It) can help in estimating net profit or loss on the product purchases and is also very useful to ensure you have enough product, but not too much, for a given project,” says Shane Edwards, Mapei Canada’s product line manager for industrial flooring. “This calculator is not only helpful for ordering but also in assessing day-to-day needs, given the variances of job site conditions, weather and pot life considerations.”

The calculator is easy to use, with variable overage settings of zero, five per cent, 10 per cent or up to 25 per cent for a host of Mapefloor products for industrial flooring. It allows floor area to be described in either square feet or square metres, and can provide results for different thicknesses, measured in inches, millimetres, microns or mils.

The new calculator joins 11 others. It is accessible on Mapei’s website via web browser or the company’s app. Users may save and access previous calculations through their MyMapei account. The free interface is available in English or French.

“Now that installers can access (this) tool to calculate needs on the fly, it makes it easier to reduce waste in time, labour and product,” says Edwards.

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