Mapei Canada Marks Major Milestone in 2023

Mapei is opening a new plant and research and development centre in Canada, in celebration of its 45th anniversary in the country.

The Italy-based company has come a long way since it made its Canadian debut as an adhesive supplier for Olympic Stadium’s running track for the 1976 Montreal Olympics. That project marked the first step on the road to internationalization for Mapei.

Following the establishment of a plant and head office in Laval, Que., in 1978 — the first outside Italy — expansion came quickly across Canada and around the world. Today, Mapei includes 100 subsidiaries operating in 57 countries and 86 manufacturing plants in 35 nations worldwide. It is a leading manufacturer of mortars, grouts, adhesives and complementary products for installing all types of flooring and wall coverings.

Mapei’s Canadian footprint currently spans more than 4,600 kilometres, with production facilities in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia, and a distribution centre in Alberta. Already the largest facility in Canada, the Laval site is expanding in 2023, adding a 50,750-square-foot powders production plant, and a second research and development laboratory dedicated to concrete construction for Nordic climates worldwide.

The new Laval plant’s concrete foundation even harnesses the advanced technology from Mapei’s admixtures for concrete line: Mapecrete System. Among other benefits, the increased production capacity in Laval will have a ripple effect, allowing for more balanced production across Canada. By enhancing its ability to shift production accordingly for more localization between plants, Mapei Canada says it can help reduce the whole company’s overall carbon footprint with quicker deliveries and shorter distances for transport of supplies to construction sites.

Last year, Mapei celebrated 85 years in business. At that time, co-CEO and part owner Veronica Squinzi said that while the company was marking the occasion, it was looking to the future and treating the important milestone more like a starting line.

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