Laticrete Upgrades Grout Formulations

Laticrete’s upgraded Permacolor line features new and improved formulas that provide increased strength and enhanced stain resistance.

The reformulated Permacolor Select — a two-part cementitious grout system with a neutral base mixture and the industry’s only dispersible dry pigment grout system — and Permacolor Grout are 20 per cent stronger and up to 30 per cent more stain-resistant, says the company. They are also a smoother, creamier consistency, making them easier to spread and clean. This quickens installations and reduces labour intensity.

Both products include Stonetech Sealer Technology — saving time and money since sealing isn’t necessary — and Microban antimicrobial product protection against stain and odour-causing bacteria, resulting in longer-lasting installations that will look newer by preserving its colour.

The family of products are also formulated without silica sand, making them safer for installers and their work environment.

The Permacolor Select Colour Kit is packaged in single units for a one-to-one mix ratio with the base to simplify installation, as well as streamline inventory control and selection for both distributors and installers. As part of Laticrete’s commitment to minimize negative impacts on the planet and its people, the colour kit comes in compostable bags reducing waste by 40 per cent. The two-year extended shelf life on grout base reduces the risk of product degradation. The colour kit is available in more than 150 stocked options, including all 40 Laticrete standard colours.

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