INSTALL, Teknoflor Team Up to Ensure High-Quality Installs

The International Standards and Training Alliance (INSTALL) and Teknoflor are growing their partnership to guarantee high-performance flooring products are installed by skilled, knowledgeable workers.

“A high-quality product is not complete without a high-quality installation, and Teknoflor’s partnership with INSTALL ensures delivery of superior flooring installations,” says INSTALL executive director, John T. McGrath Jr. “This specification requires that Teknoflor product installation is completed by flooring professionals who have received industry-leading training and have earned the appropriate certifications.”

Teknoflor’s new specification language takes effect immediately.

It reads, “Company specializing in installation must have a minimum of four years’ experience and employ flooring installers who have retained, and currently hold, a Teknoflor, INSTALL or comparable certification.”

“Having worked closely with INSTALL for 20 years, I know that INSTALL contractors execute every job correctly, every time,” says Mark Olsen, technical services manager at Teknoflor. “Our luxury PVC-free resilient flooring requires exacting installation, and Teknoflor is ensuring our high standards are met by choosing to implement INSTALL certification standards into our master specifications.”

Teknoflor is a manufacturer and distributor of commercial resilient flooring products.

INSTALL is an association of flooring installers, contractors, manufacturers and consultants. It is considered the North American leader in floor covering installation training and certification.

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