Hybrid Adhesive for High-traffic Areas

TEC Flexera 2K PSA Hybrid Adhesive combines the ease of a fast-track PSA installation method with the durability and robust adhesion of epoxy adhesives.

The ultra-high performance, two-part, water-based adhesive was developed for high-traffic interior environments in commercial and institutional settings, including flooring applications that must endure heavy rolling loads. It’s designed for installation of homogeneous and heterogeneous sheet flooring, sports flooring, luxury vinyl tile, rubber and linoleum.

Flexera 2K PSA has a pot life of more than 10 hours, open time of up to four hours, requires 75 per cent less mixing time and has an aggressive initial tack to hold down seams, removing the need for seam weighting.

Additional benefits include low odour and low volatile organic content, which makes it ideal for use in occupied healthcare, educational, retail and other commercial environments.

Flexera 2K PSA is also Green Label Plus certified, non-corrosive and can be used for flash coving.

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