High-Performance Coating for Concrete

Mapei’s Mapecoat Deck T is a slip-resistant, water-based acrylic deck coating designed for use on new and previously coated concrete.

It has a light sanded texture and is ultraviolet-resistant. The product’s high-build coverage provides the convenience and easy application of a single-component product, says Mapei.

Mapecoat Deck T can be used for balconies, decks, walkways and above-grade exterior surfaces. Mapei’s custom colour match capabilities allow for enhanced aesthetics over repairs and irregular substrates to restore the appearance of old and/or damaged concrete.

The product is part of Mapei’s system solutions for concrete repairs and, as such, is compatible with the company’s repair mortars for resurfacing and re-sloping horizontal concrete surfaces. It can also be used in a waterproof deck system when Planiseal 288 flexible, cementitious waterproofing mortar is incorporated.

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