Hardwood flooring sports waterproof technology

Aquadura H2O flooring from Flooring Canada features hardwood waterproofing technology. The product is available in 7.5-inch-wide planks with finishes that include smooth, bandsaw marks, wire brushing, reactive staining, high and low colour variation, and black and white accent graining.

The flooring collections come in 36 hardwood looks, including pine, walnut, hickory and oak.

The hardwood is waterproofed using the company’s hydrophobic sealant, which is applied to the top of the hardwood veneer to protect the plank from water damage.

The floors are comprised of thick veneer that is wrapped around a stone plastic composite (SPC) waterproof core, whereby water evaporates before damage occurs to the veneer or subfloor. The SPC core is also rigid and resistant to impact.

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