Flooring Canada Reveals Top 10 Flooring Predictions for 2022

Fuelled by the pandemic’s home improvement boom, the flooring industry is experiencing a surge in popularity as consumers spend more time at home embarked on renovations and upgrades. With this trend not expected to slowdown, Flooring Canada/Flooring America retailers have released their flooring style predictions for 2022.

1. Blue will fast become the new ‘neutral’ when it comes to infusing colour into flooring. It tends to be ‘trend proof’ and stay en vogue.

2. In chaotic times, people often turn their homes into cozy retreats. This has harkened the return of soft, plush carpets. Consumers will continue to seek the comfort of carpet underfoot by installing broadloom in bedrooms, living rooms and family areas.

3.  The comfort trend goes hand-in-hand with distressed vintage. Think white-washed antique barn and hand-scraped European oak finishes that create lived-in interiors, and retro styles from black and white tile to traditional dark hardwood flooring.

4. With so many people putting vacations on hold or working from home during the pandemic, many yearned to bring the outdoors inside and expand exterior living spaces. This will carry over to this year, with increased focus on nature-inspired textures and all-natural materials.

5. Work from home continues to drive the market. Upgraded offices or co-workspaces will feature floors that combine function and feel good underfoot.

6.  Light floors like white oak and white ash will again be popular in 2022, as they open the home and act like mirrors by refracting light to make spaces with few windows and natural light feel larger and less confining.

7.  For active families with kids and pets, the waterproof wave in flooring is here to stay. These flooring products can withstand all kinds of unexpected accidents thanks to waterproof cores and revolutionary scratch-resistant technology.

8.  Expect a pivot to patterns on carpets. Fun textures add dimension and patterns lend a distinct warmth to home design that can be subtle or bold. The maximalist trend will feature loud layered patterns and dramatic animal print area rugs.

9. Following a season of monochrome palettes with whites, greys and beiges, design will turn toward variation and various colourations across floors, making it more conducive to decorating the surrounding room with warm and cool tones.

10. While many new flooring styles include modern finishes, warm and natural-feeling floors are an everlasting style popular in homes year after year and 2022 is no exception. Aesthetics will thrill both traditional and blended design types like modern farmhouse and shabby chic.

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