Five Recruitment Strategies for Successful Hiring

By Robert Kravitz

Every business owner will bemoan that they are having problems recruiting workers. Because of this, employers must get creative as the old ways don’t work anymore.

Here are five strategies that are proving effective in today’s competitive job market.

Think Green
When recruiting younger workers, remember this is the most environmentally conscious generation in history. Younger workers will be more interested in working for a company when they know it is green and sustainability focused.

Have a Mission Statement
Traditionally, a mission statement is designed to help current employees understand a company’s goals and purpose. However, a mission statement also assists with the recruitment of new workers. The potential hire wants to know the goals and values of the company they may be working for. A mission statement expresses those values.

Encourage Employee-generated Social Media
Ask current staffers to like company posts and post their own company-related content on different social media platforms. Potential hires check out a company’s social media to learn more about the organization, and positive posts encourage them to join the team. (By the way, LinkedIn offers tips on recruiting workers using social media.)

Create a ‘What it’s Like to Work Here’ Video
Companies such as Apple create videos that discuss their company culture, what the company expects of their employees and what the company looks for when hiring new people. Creating a video helps weed out those who have second thoughts about your company while encouraging others to join. These videos can prove amazingly effective when recruiting workers.

Look for Workers from Niche Sources
Try recruiting workers from organizations that support veterans or people with disabilities, to name just two.

Robert Kravitz is president of Chicago-based AlturaSolutions, a 20-year-old communications company that promotes influencers and thought leaders, as well as the value of their expertise, products and services. AlturaSolutions has worked with some of the largest and most-respected companies in the professional cleaning, food service, facility management industries and related sectors.

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