Advanced Commercial Carpet Certification Launched

The International Certified Flooring Installers Association (CFI) has introduced the first industry-wide Advanced Commercial Carpet Certification program.

Certification identifies installers who understand the various aspects of large-scale commercial carpet installation. Those who pass the program will be able to correctly estimate products, plan labour, and determine proper amounts of adhesive and other sundries necessary for successful job completion.

The certification program also serves as a tool for the architect and design community to include in their specification process as a requirement for installers, resulting in increased confidence and reduced overall costs and liabilities for commercial projects.

“(It) is something our industry has been missing for many years,” says John Cox, director of quality and claims for Tarkett and Lexmark Carpet. “This program covers different manufactured products, backing types, floor preparation and testing, removal of existing flooring and proper installation conditions, such as moisture, alkalinity, porosity and humidity. Using a certified installer will make your life much easier and extend the life cycle of your flooring products.”

The Advanced Commercial Carpet Certification (CIII) program consists of three days and includes a written exam, bid process and a hands-on component.

The course is only available to those who have already earned Commercial Carpet II certification.

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