Epoxy Grout Employs 100 Per Cent Solids

CEG-IG is an industrial grade, water cleanable, 100 percent solids epoxy grout from Custom Building Products said to have high chemical, temperature and stain resistance.

It is formulated for harsh environments such as commercial kitchens and food processing facilities.

The grout is a two component epoxy system that combines a pigmented hardener with epoxy resins and recycled aggregates to fill joint widths from 1/16 to ½ in. and is said not to shrink or sag.

The product is compatible with both CEG-Lite Part A and CEG Part A epoxy grout colour pigment and hardener products.

It can be used as both a grout and as a setting mortar, and be used with vitreous, semi-vitreous or impervious tile including ceramic, mosaic, quarry, pavers, porcelain, brick, mini-brick and green marble.

The grout is suitable for interior and exterior applications, as well as on walls or floors. When used as a grout on exterior applications, colour variations may occur over time.

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