Electric Floor Heating Ruler Cable

The TempZone Floor Heating Ruler Cable by WarmlyYours is the first electric radiant heating cable to come with easy-to-read hash marks at every half-inch, inch and foot increment.

This design is geared toward professional customers. Along with a free SmartPlan installation plan from WarmlyYours, it will ensure the installer is using the proper amount of cable while laying it out and that the heating elements are in the correct location. This will help guarantee a smooth installation of the floor heating system and even heating coverage for the end-user.

The ruler cable is meant to be embedded in thinset or self-levelling compound beneath a wide range of floor coverings, including tile, marble, stone, luxury vinyl and more. The cable provides 3.7 watts per linear foot (nine to 15 watts per square foot, depending on spacing).

The company says it is more durable than most other comparable cables due to its crush resistant ETFE (fluoropolymer) core insulation and high-temperature PVC jacket. Additionally, the elements of the cable are constructed in such a way that it has exceptional flexibility in nearly all directions.

The ruler cable can be installed in two different ways, either with GripStrip fixing strips or an uncoupling membrane like the Prodeso membrane. The GripStrips are complimentary and the most economical option for installation. Using an uncoupling membrane provides benefits like speed of installation and crack isolation.

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