Ecore Expands Accessories Portfolio

Ecore has expanded its accessories portfolio with new E-Grip offerings.

E-Grip 95 is a moisture-cured, one-part urethane adhesive formulated specifically for the company’s vulcanized composition rubber (VCR) surfaces. This adhesive is ideal for applications where there is a high amount of moisture in the substrate with up to 95 per cent relative humidity (RH).

E-Grip 99 is a one-part modified urethane adhesive designed for extremely high moisture applications in a substrate with up to 99 per cent RH. It can be used with all VCR products and vinyl or luxury vinyl tile over concrete.

E-Grip Tape was created for ease of installation and immediate use with any Ecore VCR product that’s 8.5 millimetres or less in thickness.

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