Dual bay charger and portable power adapter provide jobsite convenience

The dual-charging convenience of the GAX18V-30 18V/12V Dual Bay Charger from Bosch allows users to charge 18V and 12V Max batteries simultaneously along with mobile devices.

The dual bay charger provides LED indicators so users can monitor charging. It charges a fully depleted Bosch 18V 4.0 Ah battery in 85 minutes and a fully depleted Bosch 12V Max 2.0 Ah battery in 45 minutes.

The charger also provides a 2.4 amp max USB port to power up cell phones and other mobile devices.

In addition, the Bosch GAA18V-24 18V Portable Power Adapter is said to allow users to quickly power up mobile devices anywhere using an 18V Bosch battery.

The portable power adapter also delivers power to any 5V USB or 12V DC devices. It’s capable of charging two devices simultaneously.

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