Domotex Announces Theme of 2023 Event

Floored by Nature is the overarching theme of Domotex 2023.

The theme focuses on the current issues of the day, such as scarcity of resources, sustainability and health, new market opportunities in an ever-changing environment and on a new awareness of values.

“Floored by Nature means discovering new environmentally compatible possibilities and making optimum use of existing resources. The goal (is) to create healthy, sustainable and, at the same time, inspiring spaces,” says Sonia Wedell-Castellano, global director of Domotex, Deutsche Messe. “But serious raw material shortages, high transport costs and further rising energy prices are also creating major challenges for the industry. Domotex is also a showcase for these issues, highlighting potential, addressing opportunities and risks, and providing best practices.”

Three focus topics form the basis for the main theme: connecting markets, conscious living and colourful nature.

Connecting markets highlights the need to adapt to changing conditions. Markets are constantly changing import and export relationships, supply bottlenecks, increased energy and production costs, digital services and new online trading platforms are changing the economy. Digital technologies offer the possibility to launch new collections across sales floors and national borders and to connect with existing customers. Social media, in particular, has also become an important sales channel in the flooring industry alongside stationary retail.

Conscious living implies the desire for healthy living and working, the commitment to environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes with the aim of creating balanced and, at the same time, trend-conscious living and well-being spaces. Conscious living puts the implementation of innovative solutions and the circular use of materials in the foreground.

With colourful nature, Domotex is presenting nature as a source of inspiration for trendy designs, colour plays and patterns. Nature fascinates not only with its perfect recycling systems and measured use of resources, but also with its changing and surprising plays of colour, shapes, patterns and trendy designs, which find expression in perfect living and feel-good spaces. These shapes and patterns can be seen on carpets and floors for demanding areas of use. This means that floor coverings can be seen both as decoration and as a unit with furniture and fabrics, and with their versatility they make a significant contribution to the atmosphere in a room.

Domotex is the world’s leading trade show for carpets and floor coverings. The 2023 show will be a hybrid event, held Jan. 12-15, at the Hannover Exhibition Centre in Germany.

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