Daltile Releases First Trend Report of 2022

Daltile has published its latest trend report, which outlines hotly-anticipated trends in interior design, colour and tile for 2022.

The report was produced in collaboration with the brand’s lead product designer, Laura Grilli, and is a culmination of canvassed input from the worlds of fashion, interior design, psychology and current events. It is meant to serve as a guide to help designers, architects and homeowners create fresh, breathtaking spaces.

The seven trends are as follows.

Restorative Nature
Restorative Nature is the understanding that the home needs to provide restoration of mind, body and spirit. Restorative Nature means being healthy, not only from a physical standpoint but also from a psychological one.

This trend incorporates many of the principles of biophilic design. Biophilic design means establishing close contact with nature and bringing nature inside the home to benefit from its reinvigorating power. This trend is about achieving a more grounded and slower pace of life, focusing on essentials and a deeper connection to the natural world.

Daltile’s Emerson Wood in Butter Pecan. The floor tile features a subtle wire brush effect over the graining to achieve an authentic cerused wood texture and visual.

Origins Exploration
Origins Exploration is a reaction to globalized cultural identity and fast-paced forms of production and consumption. The pandemic accelerated this as social distancing and travel restrictions drove people to turn their attention to local cultures and communities. From designers to consumers, there is a growing appreciation of heritage — ancient crafts, materials and skills — as a way to enjoy roots and collective memories, and find authenticity, a sense of belonging and treasures from the past.

Origins Exploration is about digging back into the past, rediscovering ancient traditions and encountering new practices in design. Old artifacts and design pieces handled by different generations and carried throughout time bring meaning to spaces and people’s lives.

Female Celebration
Female Celebration is about reviving feminine archetypes to highlight historically feminine values, such as care, flexibility, community, collaboration and empathy.

The trend of Female Celebration aims to create reassuring environments where people can truly feel safe, understood and where they can rejuvenate. Interiors following this trend promote a new gentleness, harnessing calming aesthetics, therapeutic colours, soothing textures, and round and reassuring shapes.

Self-Expressionism is about people expressing their inner selves, tastes, memories and identities through interior design and decor.

With a greater amount of time spent at home due to the pandemic, the home has become even more of an outlet for creativity and self-expression. In this trend, there is no wrong design solution. Personal preference and what makes a space feel good to each individual are the guiding principles.

Daltile’s Panoramic porcelain tile in Diamond Mine graces the floor.

Noble Simplicity
Noble Simplicity is about living with less, focusing on the essential and decluttering both spaces and the mind.

This trend is a response to the fast-paced globalized world, mass consumerism culture, the overwhelming use of technology and the lack of human touch aggravated by the global pandemic. Purity, minimalism and simplicity are at the forefront. Eliminating outside chaos brings a sense of serenity and calmness to the space.

Nostalgia Escape
Nostalgia Escape is about building upon past positive emotions and embracing new hopes.

This trend evokes past times and memories to help create a safe place within the challenges of the current. Solid memories and symbols can function as guides that allow people to navigate challenges and yet feel inspired, creative and hopeful.

Tech Retreat
Tech Retreat is about blending technology with design to create an escape where woes of the day to day dissolve into a plugged in stress-free zone. Dreamy digital interiors and their new aesthetic are impacting design as people crave to escape to new realities.

This trend is also about creating new forms of entertainment and immersive experiences with artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and digital connectivity. This helps people retreat into another world, finding peace, safety and happiness.

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