Negative Carbon Balance Underlayments

Acousticork by Amorim has launched three products that have a negative carbon balance.

T10 Essence, T10 Essence with a vapour barrier and T56 Endurance with a vapour barrier are more environmentally friendly solutions when compared to other products composed of 100 per cent synthetic materials.

According to a recent study conducted by consultancy firm EY, Acousticork T10 Essence and T10 Essence with a vapour barrier underlayments have a negative carbon balance of -18.6 kg CO2 eq/m2 and -18.0 kg CO2 eq /m2, respectively. Acousticork T56 Endurance underlayment with a vapour barrier has a negative carbon balance of -5.2 kg CO2 eq/m2. This means these products foster carbon sequestration in the cork oak forest that is greater than the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from their production.

These underlayments also make a decisive contribution to the performance of the floors where they are applied in terms of acoustic insulation, thermal comfort and improved air quality, says the company. The solutions are produced with cork, an all-natural, reusable and recyclable raw material. They offer high-performance, impact resistance and walking comfort, and protect the final flooring solution while offering greater durability over time.

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